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What makes the "blood type" theory a little unconvincing?

Since most people are not even aware of their blood types, let alone what foods are "evolutionarily inappropriate" for them to eat, it can be assumed that on most days most people eat the "wrong foods" for their blood type. So, according to D'Adamo's theory, many people experience repeated showers of agglutinated red cells throughout their bloodstream after almost every meal - day after day. Thus D'Adamo's system seems to have created a "blood type astrology" that imposes strange, limiting stereotypes on very complex human beings. But we all have different nutritional needs, and different people are suited to different types and amounts of food. However, these differences are not significantly determined by blood type. There has not been any research or scientific evidence in ‘Eat Right for Your Type' which proves otherwise. The only suggestion for optimal nutrition is to pay attention to what ones body tells him, and to focus his diet on fresh, whole foods – grown as organically as possible.[Source]

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