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What is the link between hormone imbalance and breast cancer?

Any form of cancer is largely multifactorial. Although a positive association of estrogen levels , their metabolites and the risk of breast cancer has been repeatedly suggested in many studies, blame-estrogen theory is still a controversy! Also, there is no solid evidence for cancers caused by Progestin based contraceptive pills although cardiovascular effects are well known. Further, neoplastic (cancerous) cells may themselves produce various growth factors like VEGF to promote self-sufficiency in growth by promoting vascularization. While any form of hormonal imbalance certainly interferes with normal physiology, a definative causative link with breast cancers has not been conclusively documented to build a consensus in scientific community. Having said that, a lack of definitive consensus certainly does not call for ignorance and laxity in view of whatever supporting evidence we have and one may look for any dramatic changes in estrogen and progesterone levels!

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