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What is a buccal swab collection, what is blood collection?

Blood testing is the "Pin Prick" method, and Buccal is the "Cheek Swab" Test A buccal swab is soft and resembles a large Q-Tip. It is used to collect a sample of cheek cells by simply rubbing the inside of the cheeks. It is as accurate as blood, as the DNA is the same. A person should, however, abstain from drinking coffee for a few hours before taking a blood test sample, and smokers should rinse and brush their cheeks with a toothbrush before swabbing. If you're considering the blood option, it is quite important that you contact your physician for the collection of blood samples for children under 8 years of age. We offer this option because it is much faster and easier for you to collect. The procedure involves a small lancet that is used to lightly pierce a finger (most don't even feel it). A small drop of blood is then transferred to a collection card - that's it. If the blood test is not for you just select Buccal option.

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