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Just because a given food agglutinates my blood, does that necessarily make it a bad thing?

If most food lectins agglutinate all blood types, how would anyone be able to eat tomatoes, or soybeans, or any of many different foods under this diet plan? Since lectins are in almost everything, if you wanted to totally avoid all lectins there would not be much left to eat. As humans have been ingesting lectins since the beginning of their existence, it's hard to blame all the problems on foods which contain them. So this theory is not very convincing.[Source]

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"It''s easy and very convenient to be able to perfom a home test. I''m hypoglicemic and hipertensive and been able to save at least one hour going to a lab for a fasting take, to have breakfast and take my pills, is just great! In addition, I received my results by mail and in a short period of time I just hope the results with this kind of procedure is really accurrate, which obviously I can''t ascertain, but my feeling is they are. " (Zuleika)